7 Reasons to Cleanse Your Email List and How to Purge Subscribers

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re focusing a lot on email marketing recently because we’re really seeing a lot of problems in this industry. If an executive continues to pester you on your email list growth, you really need to point them to this article. The fact is, the larger and older your email list, the more damage it may be having to your email marketing effectiveness. You should, instead, be focused on how many active subscribers you have on your

The Email Service Provider SaaS Pricing Penalty

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’ve had some ups and downs as we look for a good email service provider. Many email service providers simply don’t have the integration tools we need to automate our email sends (we’ll have some news on that soon)… but the biggest problem we’ve had with our email program is the ability to match monetization with the cost of the application. To get directly to the point, some SaaS pricing structures are just plain stupid…

Can Retailers Strike Gold on Facebook?

Reading Time: 2 minutes According to Foresee… yes. Foresee is releasing some findings on some retail statistics associated with Facebook today. Here are some of their findings: 56% of shoppers to top e-retail websites who interact with social media websites have elected to ?friend? or ?follow? or ‘subscribe? to a retailer on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is an amazing testament to customer loyalty and interest in social engagement. Shoppers are actually choosing to engage