How Email Marketers Are Using Predictive Analytics To Improve Their Ecommerce Results

The emergence of predictive analytics in email marketing has become popular, especially in the ecommerce industry. Utilizing predictive marketing technologies has the capability to improve targeting, timing, and ultimately convert more business via email. This technology is playing a key role in identifying what products your customers are likely to purchase, when they’re likely to make a purchase, and the personalized content that will drive the activity.  What is Predictive Marketing? Predictive marketing is a strategy

How Do UTM Parameters In Email Work With Google Analytics Campaigns?

We do quite a bit of migration and implementation projects of email service providers for our clients. While it’s not often specified in the statements of work, one strategy that we always deploy is ensuring that any email communications are automatically tagged with UTM parameters so that companies can observe the impact of email marketing and communications on their overall site traffic. It’s an important detail that’s often overlooked… but never should be. What are

How To Make An Animated GIF For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign Using Photoshop

We’re having an amazing time working with key client Closet52, an online dress store that we branded and built from the ground up for an established and well-known fashion company in New York. Their leadership is always working with us on collaborative ideas for the next campaign or strategy that we’re executing. As part of their implementation, we deployed Klaviyo for Shopify Plus. Klaviyo is a well-known marketing automation platform with very tight integration to