Don’t Put Email on the Back Burner!

In the last Delivra guest post for Martech, Neil included a survey asking you all what some of the main obstacles were that you were facing with your email programs. One of them was the lack of time to accomplish what was wanted. I completely understand being pressed for time; there never seems to be enough hours in the day! That being said however, I urge you to make your email program a priority. If

Online Collaboration with Facebook? You Bet!

Though limited, Facebook Groups can be used as a platform for online collaboration among small groups of people.

Companies turning to Internal Social Networks

There’s a ton of information about all the Social Networks out on the web, but a movement has been afoot to bring some of the advantages of social networks to the Intranet as well. I did some research on the topic for a half-day social networking session I spoke at with the IABC yesterday and the findings were worth taking a deeper look at. I had to dig deep to find info and screenshots, but

Video: Sliderocket Beta Coming Soon!

Click through if you don’t see the video. Excerpt: You’ve seen Microsoft’s PowerPoint. But you’ve never seen an Internet-enabled, collaborative presentation tool like Sliderocket — until now. Here Mitch Grasso, CEO and founder, tells us about Sliderocket the company and then shows us a demo. Sliderocket is preparing for a public beta soon, sign up today.