Publishers: Paywalls Need to Die. There’s a Better Way to Monetize

Paywalls have become commonplace in digital publishing, but they’re ineffective and create a barrier to the free press. Instead, publishers must use advertising to monetize new channels and give consumers the content they crave for free. Back in the 90s, when publishers began moving their content online, there emerged a range of strategies: only the major headlines for some, whole editions for others. As they built a web presence, an entirely new genre of digital-only

Signal: Grow with Email, Text, Social and Sweepstakes

BrightTag, a cloud-based marketing platform for Internet retailers, has purchased Signal. Signal is a centralized marketing hub for cross channel marketing via email, SMS and social media. Signal features include: Email newsletters – pre-built, mobile-optimized email templates to use or create your own. Text messaging – launch an effective program and be compliant with mobile carrier requirements. Social media publishing – publish your status on Facebook and Twitter, using short URLs to track your content.

TinyLetter: No Frills Email Newsletters

Log into any major email service provider nowadays and, if you’re not technically savvy, you’ll probably pass out at the menus, features, functionality, jargon and reporting. Sometimes the magic of technology is when someone smart rethinks the process and boils down the application to only the necessities. TinyLetter is such a service. TinyLetter Features Design your subscribe page. The signup form is elegant and easy to edit, so you can make TinyLetter your own. Compose