5 Tools to Help Tailor Your Marketing During the Holidays

The Christmas shopping season is one of the most important times of the year for retailers and marketers, and your marketing campaigns need to reflect that importance. Having an effective campaign will ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves during the most profitable time of the year. In today’s world a shotgun approach will no longer cut it when trying to reach your customers. Brands must customize their marketing efforts to meet the individual

How to Justify Responsive Email Design and Where to Get Help!

It’s pretty shocking but more people utilize their smartphone to read email than to actually make phone calls (insert sarcasm about connectivity here). Purchases of older phone models have dropped by 17% year over year and 180% more business people are utilizing their smartphone to preview, filter, and read email than did a few years ago. The problem, though, is that email applications haven’t advanced as quickly as web browsers have. We’re still stuck with

Video Support in Email is Growing – and Working

With a lot of profound research, Monks once again come up with yet another interesting infographic on Video Email . This infographic provides valuable stats on why using video in email is imperative, best ways of incorporating video in email and some myths associated with using video in email. This infographic will walk you through the importance of using video in email, different types of video email, myths associated with using of video in an

3 Email Marketing Tools You Need to Know About

Text to Subscribe – If you are working with an email marketing agency, they will likely already have connections with a partner who offers the text to subscribe feature. Text to Subscribe is a great email marketing tool. It is a hands off approach to growing your email marketing list. Your email marketers take the time to set this up while you sit back and watch it run. With little effort, you will see how