11 Poor Email Practices to Avoid Unless You Want Angry Subscribers

Digital Third Coast worked with Reachmail to identify the most egregious behaviors and worst practices exhibited by email marketers. The infographic they designed links each behavior to a memorable pop culture character to help marketers remember and associate the poor behavior. They also included actionable advice on turning the poor behavior into a good one. Unfortunately, not everyone in charge of email marketing tools uses them correctly. It’s entirely possible you’re making one or more

How to Build a Re-Engagement Campaign for Inactive Subscribers

We recently shared an infographic on how to reverse your email engagement attrition rate, with some case studies and statistics on what can be done about them. This infographic from Email Monks, Re-Engagement Emails, takes it to a deeper level of detail to provide an actual campaign plan for reversing your email performance decay. An average email list decays by 25% every year. And, According to a 2013 Marketing Sherpa report, 75% of #email subscribers

The Pros and Cons of a Double Opt-In Email Campaign

Customers don’t have the patience to sort through cluttered inboxes. They’re inundated with marketing messages on a daily basis, much of which they never signed up for in the first place. According to the International Telecommunication Union, 80 percent of global e-mail traffic can be classified as spam. Additionally, the average email open rate among all industries falls between 19 to 25 percent, meaning that a large percent of subscribers aren’t even bothering to click