The Advantages of Triggered Emails

Reading Time: < 1 minute Emails are typically utilized for push marketing and are a one-to-many message. Within the industry, this is fondly known as batch and blast. The timing is up to the sender. Triggered email differs, combining a custom template and user data to send an email message when a specific event occurs. The event triggers the email. Triggered emails are sent directly through backend system or using an email service provider typically through an API integration. Some

The Autoresponder Assembly Line

Reading Time: < 1 minute Your marketing cycle doesn’t necessarily follow your prospects’ buying cycle. Not only may your campaign be scheduled at the wrong time, it may not be optimized to provide the necessary messaging over time to turn a prospect into a customer. Marketing automation tools have become popular in the marketplace because they provide an opportunity to nurture a client at a time when the client wishes to be communicated with. Too many businesses let opportunities for

Pagelines: Drag and Drop WordPress Theming

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ironically, I was just speaking to an agency this morning on the complexity of theming within WordPress. For folks like us that are both PHP developers, have done a ton of themes and plugins and fully understand the WordPress API, it’s not bad. Unfortunately, that’s out of reach for some companies and individuals, though. Bottom line – having to call a developer each time you wish to modify your layout or theme can get expensive!

What’s the Optimal Web Page Width?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Designing a web site and setting the web page width to an optimal width is a conversation worth having. Many of you noticed that I recently changed the width of my blog’s design. I pushed the page width out to 1048 pixels. Some of you may disagree with the move – but I wanted to share some stats and reasons on why I pushed the theme width so wide. 1048 pixels was not a random