KANA Express: Customer Experience Management

We consult with many mid-size and large companies that decide to jump into a social marketing program only to find that they didn’t foresee the immediate demand on customer service. An unhappy customer doesn’t care that you opened a Twitter account or published a Facebook page for your marketing outreach… they’re going to take advantage of the medium to request service. And since it’s a public forum, you better provide them with it. Fast. This

Stop Assuming I Know You!

At least once or twice a week, I get some email that’s smartly crafted, personable, and I have absolutely not a single clue why I’m receiving the email or the company that sent it. It typically goes something like this: From: [Product] Subject: [Product] Version 2 Released! Hello [Product] User! We’ve been hard at work that last few months redesigning [product]. We haven’t seen you in a while and there have been some changes, so

Blog Action Day: Water and Oil

I’m not an environmentalist. Nor am I a supporter of “An Inconvenient Truth”. The data are suspect and I think it’s human arrogance that believes that our bad actions are somehow killing the Earth. The Earth isn’t in trouble… it’s people who are. I’d like to drive an electric car, but I know that they’re inefficient and still, ultimately, burn fossil fuels. I’d like to drive a car that uses alternative fuels, but I know