How To Setup A Simple 5-Step Online Sales Funnel

Within the last few months, many businesses shifted to online marketing because of COVID-19. This left many organizations and small businesses scrambling to come up with effective digital marketing strategies, especially those companies that relied predominantly on sales through their brick-and-mortar stores.  While restaurants, retail stores, and so many others are starting to open again, the lesson learned over the last several months is clear – online marketing must be a part of your overall

Mailflow: Add Autoresponders and Automate Email Sequences

One of the companies had a platform where the customers’ retention was directly tied to their use of the platform. Simply put, the clients that used it had great success. The clients that struggled left. That’s not uncommon with any product or service. As a result, we developed an onboarding series of emails that both educated and nagged the customer to initiate use of the platform. We provided them how-to videos as well as a