How to Build a Re-Engagement Campaign for Inactive Subscribers

We recently shared an infographic on how to reverse your email engagement attrition rate, with some case studies and statistics on what can be done about them. This infographic from Email Monks, Re-Engagement Emails, takes it to a deeper level of detail to provide an actual campaign plan for reversing your email performance decay. An average email list decays by 25% every year. And, According to a 2013 Marketing Sherpa report, . While marketers typically

How to Reverse Plummeting Email Engagement Rates

It’s quite a surprise to most companies when they find out that . For a company with 20,000 email subscribers, that’s 12,000 emails that have dropped off. The vast majority of email marketers are petrified at dropping a single subscriber off of their list. The effort it required to get these subscribers to opt-in was costly and companies hope to someday recoup that investment. It’s nonsensical, though. Not only are they not going to recoup