7 Reasons to Cleanse Your Email List and How to Purge Subscribers

We’re focusing a lot on email marketing recently because we’re really seeing a lot of problems in this industry. If an executive continues to pester you on your email list growth, you really need to point them to this article. The fact is, the larger and older your email list, the more damage it may be having to your email marketing effectiveness. You should, instead, be focused on how many active subscribers you have on your

How to Reverse Plummeting Email Engagement Rates

It’s quite a surprise to most companies when they find out that 60% of subscribers in the average email list are dormant. For a company with 20,000 email subscribers, that’s 12,000 emails that have dropped off. The vast majority of email marketers are petrified at dropping a single subscriber off of their list. The effort it required to get these subscribers to opt-in was costly and companies hope to someday recoup that investment. It’s nonsensical,

How to Set Email Subscriber Expectations and WIN!

Are your email subscribers clicking through to your websites, ordering your products, or registering for your events, as expected? No? Instead are they simply unresponsive, unsubscribing or (gasp) complaining? If so, perhaps you’re not clearly establishing mutual expectations.

Why there’s so much Email in your Inbox that you DON’T READ.

Today, eROI released a study on a survey they did to over 200 email marketers. I personally think the results are disappointing – almost alarming. eROI asked email marketers what they thought was most important. Here are the results: IMHO, I’m in total agreement with the top 2 items. Relevance and Deliverability are key… getting the right message to the inbox should be your key factors. Email design and content is your issue, Deliverability can