UltraSMSScript: Buy A Complete SMS, MMS, and Voice Marketing Platform With API

Starting a text message strategy can be a daunting implementation process. Believe it or not, carriers are largely manual even today… submit paperwork, have your data retention and privacy policies reviewed, sign off on SMS permissions. I’m not trying to understate the importance of compliance with this medium, but the frustration of migrating or integrating an SMS solution can be quite frustrating for a permission-based, legitimate marketer. The process for SMS Marketing is quite a

TextMagic: A Full-Featured Business Text Messaging (SMS) Platform

Whether it’s two-factor authentication or making dinner reservations, I’m starting to notice that I’m much more comfortable utilizing text messaging (SMS) than I was a few years ago. I don’t think I’m the only one… consumers and businesses alike are more than happy to send and receive text messages rather than be interrupted by phone calls. At issue, though, is how to manage all those communications at a business-level. That’s where text messaging platforms come