Privy: Easy to Use, Powerful Features for On-Site Customer Acquisition

One of our customers is on Squarespace, a content management system that provides all the basics – including ecommerce. For self-service clients, it’s a great platform with many options. We often recommend hosted WordPress because of its unlimited capabilities and flexibility… but for some Squarespace is a solid choice. While Squarespace lacks the API and millions of productized integrations that are ready to go, you can still find some fantastic tools to enhance your site. We

Wishpond: Making Waves in Lead Generation and Automation

There’s a storm on the horizon in the marketing automation industry. Barriers to entry for new platforms are getting lower and lower, mature platforms are being swallowed up by enterprise marketing platforms, and those left in the middle are in for some rough seas. Either they pray they can depend on their customer-base to look attractive to a buyer, or they need to drop their prices – a lot. One disrupter in the industry that

Optimizing Email Design to Capture the Attention of Your Reader

A few months ago at a conference, I watched a fascinating presentation on the steps that an email reader takes as they dive into their email. It’s not the route that most people believe and it works very different from a website. When you view an email, you typically view the first words of the subject line and perhaps a short preview of the content that it contains. Sometimes, that’s where the subscriber stops. Or

3 Customers, 3 Animated GIFs, 3 Email Marketing Lessons

Thoughtful, eye-catching animation in email has the ability to compliment a marketing message rather than distract from it. Emma, maker of simple, stylish and smart email marketing, compiled content on how to effectively use GIFs in email marketing, complete with three customer examples. We recently shared a cool tool, Cinegif, to help you make animated gifs. Animated GIFs are currently dominating the internet because of their overwhelming ability to draw attention, which is what marketers

AddShoppers: Social Commerce Apps Platform

AddShoppers apps help you boost social revenue, add sharing buttons and provide you with analytics on how social is impacting commerce. AddShoppers helps ecommerce providers leverage social media to make more sales. Their sharing buttons, social rewards, and purchase sharing apps help you get more social shares which can then turn into social sales. AddShoppers analytics help you track your return on investment and understand which social channels convert. AddShoppers increases customer engagement by integrating