Social Media’s Marked Effect on Customer Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes When businesses first ventured into the world of social media, it was used as a platform to market their product and increase sales. In the last few years, however, social media has morphed into the favored medium of the online community — a place to interact with the brands they admire, and more importantly, seek help when they have issues. More consumers than ever are looking to communicate with brands via social media, and your

You Keep Using That Word “Creative”…

Reading Time: 2 minutes Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group published a study and infographic, Digital Marketing Dissonance, where 4 in 10 CIOs say their company lacks support needed for digital marketing projects. While I don’t doubt that’s accurate, the study then breaks some of the data down into two buckets, IT executives and creative executives. I’m not sure that I believe there’s some kind of correlation between being an IT person or being a creative person. Working

Reward with Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rewards. At a couple of my last jobs, my bosses were always shocked that I didn’t care about monetary rewards. It’s not that I didn’t want the money, it’s that I wasn’t motivated by it. I’m still not. In fact, it was always a little insulting to me – that I would somehow work harder if I had a carrot dangling in front of me. I always worked hard and was devoted to my employers.

Five Questions to Assess Your Sales and Marketing Alignment

Reading Time: 2 minutes This quote has really stuck with me the past week: The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker With resources shrinking and the load of work increasing for the average marketer, it’s difficult to keep the goal of your marketing efforts top of mind. Every day we deal with

Who’s Holding Your Oil Can?

Reading Time: 2 minutes All day – every day – folks email me, text me, twitter me, visit me, call me and instant message me with questions regarding domains, capabilities, CSS, competition, keyword strategies, client issues, sales positioning, marketing strategies, blogging, social media, etc. I get invitations to speak, to write, to help, to meet… you name it. My days are busy and incredibly fulfilling. I’m no genius but I have a lot of experience and people recognize it.