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  • Artificial IntelligencePredictive Sales Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Predictive AI: 5 Ways Organizations Are Using AI To Power Their Sales Efforts

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is now part of our daily lives thanks to smart assistants, self-driving cars, recommended products on e-commerce sites, and the rapid adoption of ChatGPT. You’ll likely hear it discussed around the office, from predictive and personalized marketing to sales forecasting and competitive intelligence. There’s obviously a lot of excitement and promise, but how do you engage?  How can you actually…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

    A digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan to achieve specific marketing goals and objectives using various online channels, mediums, and technologies. It involves identifying target audiences, setting marketing objectives, and leveraging digital platforms and tools to engage, convert, upsell, and retain customers. A well-designed digital marketing strategy can help businesses build brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and improve…

  • Content Marketinginbound marketing tips

    24 Inbound Marketing Pro Tips for E-commerce Content Marketing

    The folks at ReferralCandy have done it again with this great compendium of inbound marketing advice for e-commerce content marketing in an infographic. I love this format they’ve put together… it’s a very cool checklist and a format that easily allows marketers to scan and pick up some great strategies as well as advice from some of the best industry…

  • Email Marketing & Automationjanrain engage

    Janrain: Capture and Amplify Your Social Presence

    So you’ve got your social media presence up and running. You’re adding fans and followers by the day and getting a trickle of visitors to your site. Social media is providing you growth, but you’re not seeing the return on investment that all the social media gurus are talking about. Social media appears to be this huge net, but you’re…

  • Content Marketingblogging doug

    Blogging for Business

    If you weren’t at the Webtrends Engage 2010 conference, you missed an incredible business intelligence conference. Engage is unlike any other company conference I’ve been to. The objective is to provide customers and industry professionals with exposure to some of the best and brightest experts throughout the online industry. Register for next year’s Engage in San Francisco – they always…

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