Litmus: Can People Actually Read Your Email?

We’ve been focusing… er… screaming about mobile of late and I hope we’re getting your attention. If you do one thing today, it should be to test your email messages that you are sending out of your email vendor to see if people can actually read them. As we developed core email templates for our email for WordPress solution, CircuPress, building a responsive email template that resized, was readable, and worked across the plethora of

The Message Produces Results

When we’re marketing, a lot of times, we think solely about the results. I want to convert this many prospects, we want people to be aware of Product X, I want this many retweets/shares, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely important to track these things in order to know if our marketing message are working. However, I have found that when I haven’t had a specific purpose in my marketing messages, I have