Start Up Weekend – Changing the World One City at a Time

This weekend 125 people from more than 30 countries spent a few days discussing how Startup Weekend could have a positive impact on our global economy.  Sounds crazy?  The Kauffman Foundation is willing to bet $400,000 we are not.  They have provided a three year grant which allowed the StartUp Weekend team to expand to 8 full time staff members. This small team, will in turn provide support for hundreds of StartUp Weekend events around the world.  

Greed, Fear and Failed Entrepreneurs

The largest difference I’ve observed in all the companies that I work for on success versus failure is the ability for the entrepreneur or business to actually execute. It frustrates me to watch friends and fellow entrepreneurs not realize their success simply because they don’t execute. Fear and greed are the two things I see that stop entrepreneurs in their tracks. Here are a couple of examples: Entrepreneur A has a great product that’s working

Video: Whitehat SEO for Bloggers

I happened across this video by chance, but it’s worth watching. There are very specific things you can do to optimize your blog for search engines. It’s something that not too many folks spend time on, but they should! The video is from the WordPress conference, WordCamp 2007, held in July (which I’m disappointed that I missed).