Event Planning and Marketing Blueprint

When I think back on some of the incredible events I’ve attended, like Webtrend’s Engage, ExactTarget’s Connections and BlogWorld Expo – I’m always blown away at the number of moving parts to an event and how seamlessly these organizations put them together. I am not an event planner. I can barely juggle more than a client at a time, nevermind thousands of visitors. (That’s why Jenn works with us!). Some folks can’t afford the services

Aprimo: Extreme Tools for Integrated Marketing

This year, we’re seeing some amazing advancements in user interfaces for marketers. Last year I met with the leadership team at Aprimo after speaking with Haresh Gangwani, the VP of Product Strategy. The company had recently shifted gears and began offering a Software as a Service “Studio” version. I was also introduced and met with their CEO Bill Godfrey at length. It was an incredible conversation about the Marketing Revolution… and I unfortunately did a

When is Your Next Online Conference?

Some of the companies I’m working with, especially business to business (B2B) are seeing some incredible results and return on investment with the use of virtual events and tradeshows. I’ve been wanting to post about virtual event marketing for quite some time, and recently got to speak to Unisfair, the leading virtual event, virtual tradeshow and online job fair provider online. Unisfair offers a total Software as a Service platform, including the conference software, webcasting