Virtual Events Don’t Have to Suck: Marketing Departments Can Make Them Dazzle

We all participated in a lot of virtual events during the pandemic — every human interaction became a Zoom or Meets meeting. After two years of staring at screens, it’s hard to get people to tune into another boring virtual event or webinar. So, why are the best marketing teams investing in virtual events and webinars? When well executed, virtual events tell the brand’s story in a visual format and are able to capture a

Your Mind Are Belong To Us

For the past few weeks I’ve been picking up and putting down books – one of them was The Big Switch, by Nicholas Carr. Today, I completed reading the book. Nicholas Carr did a fantastic job at building parallels between the evolution of the electrical power grid in this country and the birth of cloud computing. On a similar note, Wired has a great article, called Planet Amazon, in its May 2008 publication that tells

Eventbrite: Events Truly Made Easy

Eventbrite was founded in early 2006 and monthly volumes of tickets distributed are already in the millions with tens of thousands of users. I saw my first Eventbrite invitation from an event promoted by Dr. Thomas Ho and I’ve utilized it for 3 events already. Though clean, the interface is a little clunky. There are a TON of features packed into this application and that’s, no doubt, the challenge for locating the right menus in