6 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Event Marketing

As I participate in social media, I often come across events that I wasn’t aware of that my friends, partners or clients are going to. I attend more events than I ever have in the past thanks to Facebook Events, Meetup announcements, and a number of other services that I’ve joined. This infographic looks at how you can use social media for event promotion; find out what is the key to an effective event hashtag

6 Keys to Event Promotion on Social Media

After our own fundraising festival in Indianapolis, I wrote that there just didn’t seem to be a better event marketing platform on the market than Facebook. According to Maximillion, I was right! Love it or hate it we all now know social media is here to stay and is playing an increasing role in our daily lives. As well as individuals, business’ small and large have had to embrace the multitude of ever growing social

How to Fully Leverage Twitter for Your Next Event

One of the Twitter Chats we really enjoy participating in is Atomic Reach’s #AtomicChat. It’s a well-produced, pre-planned chat around various marketing topics on Twitter that happens every Monday at 9PM EST. Whenever I participate, I’m always impressed with just how perfect Twitter is as a medium for this event. I’m not the only one that believes Twitter is great for events. Julius Solaris, author of Social Media for Events (a free ebook!) believes it’s

Planspot: Promote and Sell out your Events

Planspot helps you to reach your event’s audience by promoting your event to specific magazines, publishers, newspapers and event listings, based on your event’s location and topics. Planspot allows you to reach your audience, get your event listed in magazines, blogs and other media, promote your ticket sales everywhere, and keep event information updated and synced. Key Features of Planspot: Event Web Pages – each Planspot event comes with an Event Web Page, including sales

Using Social Media to Grow Your Next Event

When it comes to social media and event marketing, the lesson is: start using it NOW – but make sure you listen before you leap. Social media users surpassed email users globally three years ago and social networks are only projected to keep growing. Think of social media as a communication channel beyond a promotional tool or an advertising replacement. One-to-many communication platforms are less and less effective. So success in today’s digital world requires

Video: Sliderocket Beta Coming Soon!

Click through if you don’t see the video. Excerpt: You’ve seen Microsoft’s PowerPoint. But you’ve never seen an Internet-enabled, collaborative presentation tool like Sliderocket — until now. Here Mitch Grasso, CEO and founder, tells us about Sliderocket the company and then shows us a demo. Sliderocket is preparing for a public beta soon, sign up today.