MVRK: The Launch of the 3D Virtual Event

Last week I was invited for my first tour of an online virtual conference space. To be honest, while the timing of the lockdown was in play and I thought it may be a nice tool, I was concerned it may be a bit too geeky and may not attract mainstream businesses. I thought it might be more like playing a video game than actually being in an immersive business environment. However, a tour by

How to Treat Your Public Speakers

This is a post that I should have written over a year ago, but I was motivated to write it tonight after an event that I spoke at. Last year, I traveled out to Rapid City, South Dakota and spoke at Concept ONE, a premiere business marketing event founded by Korena Keys, a regional entrepreneur, agency owner, and proud South Dakotan. Korena’s goal was to bring professional speakers in from out of state that could

Liven: Capture and Engage with Every Attendee at Your Next Event

When you’re a speaker, one of the biggest challenges you have is identifying who was in attendance at your session so you can follow up afterward. For attendees, it’s often frustrating that you can’t follow along with the presentation locally. Speakers often offer an email address where attendees can email them and request the slide deck. The problem is that it’s often too late. Attendees leave, forget the email address, and you’re unable to connect

How to Market and Promote Your Next Event Online

We’ve written before on how to utilize social media to market your next event, and even some specifics on how to use Twitter to promote an event. We’ve even shared a blueprint for event marketing. This infographic from DataHero, however, provides some fantastic detail on utilizing email, mobile, search and social to promote and market your events. Getting people to attend your event isn’t just about making the event itself fantastic, you have to market

How to Fully Leverage Twitter for Your Next Event

One of the Twitter Chats we really enjoy participating in is Atomic Reach’s #AtomicChat. It’s a well-produced, pre-planned chat around various marketing topics on Twitter that happens every Monday at 9PM EST. Whenever I participate, I’m always impressed with just how perfect Twitter is as a medium for this event. I’m not the only one that believes Twitter is great for events. Julius Solaris, author of Social Media for Events (a free ebook!) believes it’s