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  • CRM and Data PlatformsZapier No-Code, Code-Less Workflow Automation Platform

    Zapier: Your Code-Free Workflow Automation for Business

    Efficiency isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Businesses of all sizes constantly seek ways to streamline operations, integrate applications seamlessly, maximize productivity, and reduce downstream errors. Zapier, the online automation tool, is the solution that makes it all possible. Let’s explore what Zapier is, how it works, and why it’s a great alternative to writing code for API integrations.…

  • Email Marketing & Automation
    sales growth

    Self-Service Sales or Value-Based Pricing – It’s Still About the Experience

    Last night, I attended an event put on by PactSafe. PactSafe is a cloud-based electronic contracting platform and clickwrap API for Saas and eCommerce. It’s one of those SaaS platforms where I met the founder while he was just ramping up and now Brian’s vision is now a reality – so exciting. The speaker at the event was Scott McCorkle…

  • Marketing Infographics
    marketing automation platforms

    Marketing Automation Software: Key Players and Acquisitions

    Over 142,000 businesses using marketing automation software. The top 3 reasons are to increase qualified leads, increase sales productivity, and a reduction in marketing overhead. The marketing automation industry has grown from $225 million to over $1.65 billion in the last 5 years The following infographic from Marketing Automation Insider details the evolution of marketing automation software from Unica over…

  • Advertising Technology

    Cloudwords: Global Marketing to Generate Demand and Drive Growth

    In order for companies to generate demand and grow globally, they need to speak 12 languages to communicate with 80% of their target audiences. Since more than 50% of revenue for U.S. companies is coming from global customers, the $39+ billion content #localization and #translation industry is integral to driving customer engagement in global markets. However, companies that need to…

  • Content Marketingcrisis communication rules

    Keep This Handy: The 10 New Rules of Crisis Communication

    Our agency is located in Indiana and when the powers-that-be in the state passed their version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a crisis ensued. It wasn’t simply a government crisis. Since it impacted the business sector, it became a crisis for all of us doing business within the state. Especially when some some business leaders outside the state…

  • Content Marketingsearch distribution

    Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

    The folks at Blogmost.com developed this infographic and named it Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2014. I’m not sure I like that title… I don’t think companies should focus on building links anymore. Our local search experts at Site Strategics like to say that new strategies require earning links rather than actively building them. More importantly,…

  • Content Marketing

    There is Innovation Here at Silicon Prairie

    I spent an amazing day as one of the judges for the annual Mira Awards. While I can’t tell you who won (you will have to attend the Mira Awards on May 15th). I can tell you there is some incredible innovation happening right here in Indiana. I was a judge in two categories Social Media and Corporate IT.  That…

  • Email Marketing & Automationexacttarget logo

    Interactive Multi-Channel Marketing from the Podium

    One of the more interesting demos held at ExactTarget Connections, yesterday, was the real-time interactive demonstration done by Scott Dorsey, CEO, during the opening speech. Scott asked everyone to text the word research and their email address to 38767 to obtain Forrester’s 2009 Channel Preference Study and Customer Knowledge is Marketer Power. In real-time, a text message response was sent…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationUnsubscribe

    Does Your Unsubscribe Page Look Like this?

    I was subscribed to a fairly complex step campaign from a company with a compelling offer. The emails were plain text but had great long copy. Each time I took an action on their site, I got different content based on my activity (or inactivity). Today I received a well-written email but I decided to forgo the offer and unsubscribe…

  • Content Marketing

    Fun with Logos… Indy Coffee Shops

    Those of you that have read my blog for a while know I love a great cup of coffee. My local friends know I love hanging out with the gang at The Bean Cup. It’s a fantastic coffee shop… great food, great people, live music and lots of comfortable chairs and room. Local Indy colleague Erik Deckers wrote about the…

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