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  • Content MarketingExit Intent Code in JavaScript and jQuery

    Exit Intent Popup Code Snippet in JavaScript And jQuery

    One of the projects that I’m working on for this site is having a popup div with a CTA that encourages new visitors to subscribe to Martech Zone by email. There’s additional development I’m working on so that I can widgetize this method for WordPress and have the exit intent section be an actual sidebar… but I did want to…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Site

    12 Ways To Drive Quality Traffic To Your E-commerce Website

    Most businesses and industries today are subjected to change and the eCommerce industry is not an exception. Since the advent of modern business practices and path-breaking technology, the industry has to be prepared to evolve to stay relevant.  So why is quality traffic important? Traffic is one of the key indicators of business growth and performance. Attracting your existing audience…

  • Analytics & Testing
    How to Build and Grow Your Email Newsletter List

    21 Ways To Build and Grow Your Email List

    We’ve been working on growing the Martech Zone email list after purging it of several thousand subscribers who had no activity. When you’ve been operating a publication like this for a decade… especially to a B2B audience, it’s not uncommon that many email addresses are abandoned as employees leave one company for the next. We are aggressive in acquiring email…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow Marketing Agencies Are Growing Their Businesses

    Three Ways Marketing Agencies Are Innovating and Growing Value With Their Clients

    Digital marketing is one of the fastest evolving industries out there. Driven by economical instability and fast-emerging technology, digital marketing is changing every year. Is your marketing agency keeping up with all those changes or are you providing the same service you did 10 years ago? Don’t get me wrong: It is perfectly ok to be good at one specific…

  • Analytics & Testing
    What Is Exit Intent? How Does It Improve Conversion Rates?

    What is Exit Intent? How Is It Used To Improve Conversion Rates?

    As a business, you’ve invested a ton of time, effort, and money into designing a fantastic website or e-commerce site. Virtually every business and marketer alike work hard to acquire new visitors to their site… they produce beautiful product pages, landing pages, content, etc. Your visitor arrived because they thought you had the answers, the products, or the services that…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsGleam Marketing Apps for Social Galleries, Email Capture, Rewards, and Competitions

    Gleam: Marketing Apps Designed To Grow Your Business

    A friend of mine said that he believes marketing is a job where you make people who don’t want to buy something buy it. Ouch… I respectfully disagreed. I believe that marketing is the art and science of pushing and pulling consumers and businesses through the purchase cycle. Sometimes marketing requires amazing content, sometimes it’s an unbelievable offer… and sometimes…

  • Analytics & TestingLandi Landing Page Builder for WordPress

    Drive More Leads With Landingi’s Landing Page Builder for WordPress

    While most marketers simply insert a form on a WordPress page, that’s not necessarily a well-optimized, highly converting landing page. Landing pages typically have several features and associated benefits: Minimal Distractions – Think of your landing pages as the end of the road with minimal distractions. Navigation, sidebars, footers, and other elements can distract your visitor. A landing page builder…

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