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Verify Your Email Marketing Lists Online: Why, How, and Where

Email marketing is a blood sport. In the last 20 years, the only thing that’s changed with email is that good email senders continue to get punished more and more by email service providers. While ISPs and ESPs could totally coordinate if they wanted to, they simply don’t. The result is that there’s an adversarial relationship between the two. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block Email Service Providers (ESPs)… and then ESPs are forced to block clients. It’s not as simple as double opt-in in the industry. Sites like ours work with partners on shared campaigns


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Experian: Cross-Channel Marketing Platform

Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform empowers brands to manage and execute all customer interactions within a single system, in real-time – removing the need for multiple, disparate platforms and individual channel vendors. The platform enables brands to easily integrate customer insights from any data source to create more intelligent, and effective, customer interactions across email, mobile, social, web, print and display advertising. The Experian Cross-Channel Marketing Platform Offers: Data integration – Gain a true panoramic view of your customers by integrating customer data from any source, and layering Experian Marketing Services’ rich consumer insights