7 Content Marketing Strategies That Inspire Trust and Shares

Some content tends to perform better than others, winning more shares and more conversions. Some content gets visited and shared over and over, bringing more and new people to your brand. In general, these are the pieces that convince people that your brand has worthwhile things to say and messages that they would like to share. How can you cultivate an online presence that reflects the values that win consumer confidence? Remember these guidelines when you

Authority: The Missing Element of Most Content Strategies

There’s not a week that goes by on Martech Zone that we aren’t curating and sharing other people’s facts, opinions, quotes, and even their content by way of infographics and other publications. We are not a curation site for other people’s content, though. Sharing other people’s ideas doesn’t make you an authority, it recognizes and strengthens the author’s authority. But… enhancing, commenting, criticizing, illustrating and better explaining other people’s content not only recognizes and strengthens

I Really, Really, Really Want to Use Your Platform… But…

This week, a vendor from a sweepstakes platform got a hold of me. We’ve had an on and off relationship with the company for a few years now. I’ve seen demos on how to use their software; they ‘ve got a pretty simple templated interface, and tons of integration capabilities. It looks like a promising platform. We want to ramp up our mobile app downloads since Bluebridge did such a fantastic job on our mobile

Here’s How You Generate More Leads with Social Media

I was just meeting with a business owner and describing the amazing way that social media has not only driven business to my company, but to our clients as well. There seems to be an ongoing pessimism as it stands with social media and it’s impact on lead generation and I believe it needs to be corrected. Most of the issues with social media and lead generation have nothing to do with the actual results,

What’s Your Bailiwick?

Great word. A friend of mine used it when speaking of a firm’s forte. From Dictionary.com: bailiwick noun, pronounced [bey-luh-wik] A person’s specific area of interest, skill, or authority. The office or district of a bailiff.