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  • Content MarketingWhat impact does video have on digital marketing?

    What Impact Does Video Have On Your Digital Marketing?

    Video has become an indispensable tool in the digital marketing arsenal, offering a compelling way for brands to engage with their audience. The statistics are convincing and underscore the necessity of integrating video into marketing strategies. The Impact of Video By Marketing Channel Advertising: Paid campaigns see a significant uplift from video integration. Video ads can boost engagement by 22%,…

  • Content MarketingVyond Animated Explainer Video Studio

    Vyond: Build Your Own Animated Videos With This Video Animation Studio

    I’ve helped several companies develop their video strategies over the years and animated video explainer videos are an amazing piece of content that can be used to concisely and thoroughly explain your products, services, and solutions, as well as differentiate your brand from your competitors. Explainer videos all follow a similar production and script sequence and are incredibly effective at…

  • Analytics & Testing
    How to Build and Grow Your Email Newsletter List

    21 Ways To Build and Grow Your Email List

    We’ve been working on growing the Martech Zone email list after purging it of several thousand subscribers who had no activity. When you’ve been operating a publication like this for a decade… especially to a B2B audience, it’s not uncommon that many email addresses are abandoned as employees leave one company for the next. We are aggressive in acquiring email…

  • Marketing InfographicsHow Much Does An Explainer Video Cost?

    How Much Does An Explainer Video Cost?

    We’ve developed quite a few explainer video jobs for our clients and even produced a few explainer videos here on Martech Zone. We’ve gotten amazing results over the years when using them, but the prices have varied greatly. While an explainer video may seem pretty straightforward, there are quite a lot of moving parts to put together an effective explainer…

  • Content Marketing
    What is Content Marketing?

    What is Content Marketing?

    Even though we’ve been writing about content marketing for over a decade, I think it’s important that we answer basic questions for both students of marketing as well as validate the information provided to experienced marketers. Content marketing is an expansive term that covers a ton of ground. The term content marketing itself has become the norm in the digital…

  • Content MarketingWhat is responsive web design (RWD)?

    What is Responsive Design? (Explainer Video and Infographic)

    It’s taken a decade for responsive web design (RWD) to go mainstream since Cameron Adams first introduced the concept in 2010. The idea was ingenious – why can’t we design sites that adapt to the viewport of the device it’s being viewed on? What is Responsive Design? Responsive web design is a design approach that ensures that a website provides…

  • Marketing & Sales VideosRenderforest - Create Videos Online

    Renderforest: Real-Time Video Editing and Animation Templates Online

    We’re launching a new series of interviews here soon on the marketing technology blog with the assistance of Creative Zombie Studios. Our existing podcast with Edge of the Web Radio is amazing and airs regionally in Indianapolis on Saturday afternoons on Freedom 95… but sometimes we need to dig deep with the talent we wish to interview. With the background…

  • Marketing InfographicsYouTube

    YouTube: What’s Your Video Strategy There?

    We’re always focused on gaps when it comes to our clients’ digital marketing strategy. Search engines aren’t just a channel for businesses and consumers to find the brands they’re looking for, the algorithms are also an outstanding indicator of a brand’s authority online. As we analyze the content that’s driving attention to the brand, we compare the content on each…

  • Content Marketing
    explainer video production

    Explainer Video Production Tips and Types

    We’re right in the middle of another explainer video production as I’m writing this and have seen amazing results from the videos we’ve already produced, scripted, or shared. This is an incredibly thorough infographic on creating explainer videos that provide a solid process for creating videos that drive engagement and conversions. So, how do you create an explainer video that…

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