Sigstr: Create, Deploy, and Measure Your Email Signature Campaigns

Every email that’s being sent out of your inbox is a marketing opportunity. While we send our newsletter out to a ton of subscribers, we also send another 20,000 emails in daily communication back and forth between staff, clients, prospects, and public relations professionals. Asking everyone to add a banner to promote a white paper or upcoming webinar typically goes over with little success. Most people just ignore the request, others mess up the link,

What is Neuro Design?

Neuro Design is a new and growing field that applies insights from the mind sciences to help craft more effective designs. These insights can come from two main sources: The general principles of Neuro Design best practices that have been derived from academic research on the human visual system and the psychology of vision. These include things like which areas of our visual field are more sensitive to noticing visual elements, thus helping designers compose

How Your Eyes Move on a Website

For creatives, I’m sure there’s someone inside screaming at them to be different and avoid building a website that looks and acts like everyone else. From a marketing perspective, though, we’ve educated our visitors over a decade now as to what to expect on a website and how to navigate one effectively. As a user, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to find the contact information, click back to the home page, or scan

Locations for Your Calls to Action

We’re always testing Calls to Action on our own sites and our clients. This may be an elementary post, but there are several places to provide a path to engagement on the typical website. I’d encourage companies to program these locations into their content management themes to make it easier for businesses to add, update, and test different calls-to-action. CTA locations for your site: Site wide – having a consistent location from page to page