Succeeding at Facebook Marketing Takes an “All Data Sources on Deck” Approach

Reading Time: 2 minutes For marketers, Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla in the room. The Pew Research Center says that nearly 80% of Americans who are online use Facebook, more than twice the number who use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Facebook users are also highly engaged, with more than three-quarters of them visiting the site daily and over half logging in multiple times per day. The number of active monthly Facebook users worldwide stands at approximately 2 billion. But for marketers,

5 Rookie Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Facebook ads are extremely easy to use – so easy that within a few minutes you can set up your business account and start running ads that have the potential to reach two billion people. While being very easy to set up, running profitable Facebook ads with a measurable ROI is anything but easy. A single mistake in your objective selection, audience targeting, or ad copy can steamroll your campaign into failure. In this article,

How to Get the Most Out of your Facebook Ad Campaign with Landing Pages

Reading Time: 7 minutes There’s no point in spending a dime on any online ad if you haven’t made sure the page that ad is sending people to is ready to receive them. It’s like creating flyers, TV ads and a billboard promoting your new restaurant, and then, when people arrive at the address you’ve given, the place is dingy, dark, filled with rats and you’re out of food. Not good. This article will take a look at a

The 10 Objectives of Facebook Advertising

Reading Time: 2 minutes Facebook for Business specifies six distinct strategies to increase online sales using Facebook: Set up a Page – A Facebook Page gives your business an online presence and a way to engage people who like your business. Boost Posts to Reach More People – You can show your Page posts to more of the people who like your Page and new audiences. Boost posts for as little as $5. Choose Your Ad Audience – Reach audiences who should see your ads

Social Media Advertising is a Failure

Reading Time: 2 minutes When I got into traditional media marketing, I was immediately pulled into what could be accomplished with data. Data directed our testing and verbiage in direct marketing and advertising, gave us accurate reporting and measurement, and provided us with a much clearer picture of who they were, what they wanted, where they were, where they wanted and how they wanted it. Campaigns were very complex combinations of long-form letters, post cards, newspaper advertisements, voice calls,