RivalIQ: Competitor Social Media and SEO Analytics

RivalIQ is a cross-channel analysis tool that provides competitive analysis on search engines and social media, alerts, keyword and ranking data, and influencer research. RivalIQ provides the following search engine and social media analysis for digital marketers: Twitter Analytics – the Twitter data you need – with engagement data on every Tweet in your landscape. Plus, you’ll get mentions tracking for your entire landscape. Facebook Analytics – track every post – and the competition’s posts,

Postacumen: Competitive Analysis for Facebook Pages

Where does your brand rank in on Facebook with regard to your competitors? What are the types of content and images that your competitors are sharing that are driving engagement to their brand instead of yours? When is the community engaged in your industry? These are the questions that Postacumen provides analytics and reporting for. Postacumen allows you to measure your Facebook presence with up to 4 other Facebook pages so that you can compile

5 Ways to Benefit from Facebook’s Analytics

I think Facebook could set a record in the amount of newsworthy material it produces in a week. The most recent news is Facebook launching of analytics tools. After reading about this on Fast Company I’ve decided that it’s a great addition to Facebook’s world domination. Kidding aside it’s a cool feature that will show who “likes” what without sharing personal information. The tool shares data based mostly on demographics similar to Foursquare’s analytic business

Bringing Facebook Traffic Activity into YOUR Analytics

Well… up until now, you couldn’t. Thank goodness that there are analytics firms like Webtrends charging ahead on this front. Webtrends (disclosure: they are a client) made a decision over a year ago that the web site was but a small piece of the overall analytics puzzle. Since then, they’ve been advancing their platform and skyrocketing their capabilities- acquiring a multivariate testing, split testing and optimization platform, releasing Analytics 9 with an incredible API, real-time