ShortStack: Facebook Landing Pages and Social Contests Made Easy

If you’re utilizing Facebook as a resource to drive traffic to your business via a contest or call-to-action, utilizing a socially integrated platform is a must. With ShortStack you can develop funnels from a specific source – email, social media, digital ads – to a web page with a highly targeted focus. Facebook Landing Pages With ShortStack, you can build an unlimited number of interactive landing pages for contests, giveaways, quizzes, and more to connect

Offerpop: End-to-End Social Campaign Management

For brands, social engagement (and not the number of fans or followers) is the key to campaign effectiveness.  The best form of engagement, the type that would most likely lead to conversions, is voluntary engagement. Marketers can make that happen if they sync with the natural social behaviors of fans or followers rather than be something they are forced or obliged to respond to. Try Offerpop. This web based social marketing management tool supports the

The Cost of Facebook Marketing

As this infographic shows, more and more marketers are spending more time and relying on Facebook as a portion of their Marketing efforts. In my opinion there are 3 key strategies to Facebook marketing: Facebook advertising Facebook apps (including Fcommerce) Facebook engagement The majority of marketers are simply taking advantage of the large audience that Facebook has to offer by trying to engage with them through their Facebook wall. However, more and more companies are

Indiana: Measured Marketing Capital of the World

TechPoint is formally announcing Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative, a national media relations campaign to position Indiana as the leader of a fast-growing, emerging technology business category that TechPoint has coined as measured marketing. The Measured Marketing Initiative’s Goals: Raise awareness that this region is developing some of the most sophisticated product and service organizations in the country when it comes to result-based marketing efforts and technologies. Generate customers for existing businesses through national promotions. This,