Symbolset: Add Social Icons To Any Site With This Web Font!

Virtually every site on the web utilizes social icons to display links to their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social addresses on the web. Modern browsers offer the opportunity to embed fonts, allowing limitless possibilities in the design of your web presence. We were working on a beautiful client site that was designed by KA+A, a very successful branding and design firm. We’ve partnered on many clients… they roll out the branding and design and

WordPress Plugin: Blogging Checklist

Back at BlogIndiana 2010, we did a soft launch for WordPress plugin to help increase employee productivity. It’s called Blogging Checklist, and it’s based on the unbelievably simple and yet astounding power of a checklist. Blogging Checklist is just what it sounds like: it creates a bunch of checkboxes for you to use when writing a blog post. Sure, you could achieve the same thing with a Word document or a post it note, but