Trends on Facebook Marketers Should Be Aware Of

This past month, Facebook released yet another update affecting the News Feed, which allows users much more control over the people and content that they wish to see first. Pagemodo has comprised a list of 10 trends from research conducted throughout this year on Facebook. I’ve added some commentary on why you should be aware of it with your social media marketing efforts. Facebook Video Domination – While video is skyrocketing on Facebook, be aware

Locking Down Facebook

Shame on me, but I really don’t pay attention to things like privacy settings, terms of use, or any other fine print when I add myself to a service. I typically wait to see if there’s a backlash from the community and then I act accordingly. This particular issue snuck up on me, though, and I didn’t even realize what I had done. My Facebook profile is fairly open to anyone who would like to