Why Walmart Should Bail on Hyperlocal Social

Recommend.ly has completed an analysis of a failed strategy by Walmart to develop local Facebook pages for each of its 3500 locations. Here’s the conclusion that Recommend.ly made: Walmart appears to have a content strategy including posting policy in place. However, it is not evident that they have store-level targets for acquiring or engaging fans. At least, none that seems to be working yet. One particular observation is the use ofcentralized content strategy. This is

Newspapers Continue to Needlessly Kill Themselves

Through Ruth’s blog, I just got done reading a New York Times piece on the Tribune planning to cut 500 pages from 12 of their largest newspapers each week. Newspapers = Toilet Paper I can’t even tell you how insanely upset this makes me… and, as consumers, you should be extremely upset as well. It appears that the Newspaper Industry, in its infinitely shrinking wisdom, is now following the path that the toilet paper industry