Use These Tips and Tools To Conquer Your Marketing Workload

If you want to effectively manage your marketing workload, you have to do a better job of organizing your day, reassessing your network, developing healthier processes, and taking advantage of platforms that can help. Adopt Technology That Helps You Focus Because I’m a technology guy, I’ll start with that. I’m not sure what I’d do without Brightpod, the system I use to prioritize tasks, assemble tasks into milestones, and keep my clients aware of the progress

What Influences a Purchase Decision?

The science behind when people make a purchase decision is quite amazing. BigCommerce is a very popular Software as a Service (SaaS) ecommerce and shopping cart platform. BigCommerce gives you a plethora of securely hosted e-commerce tools, including website, domain name, secure shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateway, CRM, email accounts, marketing tools, reporting and mobile-optimized store. They recently developed an infographic providing details on what influences a purchase decision. We cover the top 10