This Single Aspect of Sales Could be Losing Your Company $4 Million Annually

We tend to talk about sales by the revenue produced, but not by the losses when it’s not going well. Sales is a blood sport at most companies and there seems to be little patience nowadays for sales professionals to ramp up, build relationships, and convert customers. The sales manager even has the unenviable position of having to motivate and drive staff to meeting and exceeding goals. Get the wrong manager in and an entire

Marketing Fail: When Tech Does More Harm Than Good

When we’re working with clients, we often inform them that we’re still in the wild west of online marketing… these are still the young days and not everything has been attempted yet. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t learn from the mistakes of others. With new technologies emerging almost every day, it takes an experienced and educated marketing professional to know how to harness a new technology’s marketing potential and turn it into sales

The Web Development Triangle

All of our contracts with our clients are ongoing monthly engagements. Very rarely do we pursue a fixed project and almost never do we guarantee the timeline. That may sound scary to some but the issue is that the goal shouldn’t be the date of release, it should be the business results. Our job is to get our clients business results, not take shortcuts to make launch dates. As is learning, that’s a path

Failure: The Secret to Success

When you get a chance, pick up a copy of Failure: The Secret to Success by friend Robby Slaughter. Robby has put together a great guide on failing successfully so that you can learn and grow from your failure. I can’t do the book justice – there are incredible anecdotes from some of the greatest leaders in industry. However, I would like to share some of the failure quotes from the book to inspire you:

Does Your Chicken S**t Company Still Embrace Failure?

Tonight was an amazing night. Some friends and I went to see Eric Davis perform his one-man show, Red Bastard, at the Indy Fringe theatre. The show is amazing, captivating the audience and then slowly destroying each audience member one at a time. During one portion of the show, members of the audience are asked what their dreams are… followed by questions about what they do. The Red Bastard then coaxes the person to take

Sharing My Failures (and Successes?)

Hat tip to McGee’s Musings where I found the failure video. Thanks for inspiring this post! Rarely do I meet a successful person that hasn’t had some disastrous failures behind them. Over the years, I’ve learned to measure my success differently than most. I’m successful because I’ve got 2 fantastic children who I’m incredibly proud of and who are already showing potential well beyond my achievements at half my age. Looking back at my life,