The Psychology and ROI of Color

I’m a sucker for a color infographic… we’ve already published how genders interpret colors, color, emotion and branding and whether or not colors impact buying behavior. This infographic details the psychology and even the return on investment a company might attain by focusing on the colors they’re utilizing throughout their user experience. Emotions evoked by color are based more on personal experiences than on what we’re told they’re meant to represent. The color red might

Poll Results: How Optimistic Are We About Apple?

Last week’s poll came at a solemn time but it had to be asked… do people think that Apple would survive without Mr. Jobs at the helm? It’s an important question for folks in the marketing industry for a few reasons… first is the hardware the supports much of the digital publishing industry, second is supporting Apple goods (iPads, iPhones, Safari, etc.) and third, developing the staff of the future. Responses were favorable that Apple