5 Statistics Proving Mobile Sales Tools are Dramatically Improving Performance

We’ve been working with a mobile and tablet-app driven sales enablement platform to assist in their inbound marketing efforts. It’s a remarkable technology that’s had exceptional growth in the last year. Sales agents were tired of searching and scouring for sales collateral, tired of the disconnect between marketing production and sales’ needs, tired of data entry when they sent the collateral to the prospect. FatStax centralizes collateral of all mediums and types into a online

The 4 Elements You Should Have in Every Piece of Content

One of our interns who is researching and writing initial research for us was asking if I had any ideas on how to expand that research to ensure the content was well-rounded and compelling. For the last month, we’ve been doing research with Amy Woodall on visitor behavior that helps with this question. Amy is an experienced sales trainer and public speaker. She works closely with sales teams on helping them recognize indicators of intent