Why Ecommerce Brands Should Invest More Into Instagram

These days, you can’t build an ecommerce brand without an effective social media marketing strategy. Almost all marketers (93%) turn to Facebook as their primary social network. As Facebook continues to get saturated with marketers, the company is forced to decrease organic reach. For brands, Facebook is a pay to play social media platform. Instagram’s rapid growth is capturing the attention of some of the top eCommerce brands. Users interact with brands more on Instagram

5 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2014

Should we be surprised that social media marketing agency Offerpop has come up with five marketing trends to watch for 2014 — all of which show growth with respect to social media marketing? Consumers will become the content marketers. More social integration into traditional marketing. Linking email with social media marketing. More social commerce. More social media campaigns overall. While activity with respect to social media may increase, I’m a bit pessimistic about marketing efforts

Social Commerce Breakdown

I’m not sure why there are naysayers on social commerce… I believe folks (B2B or B2C) will make a purchase anywhere online. As long as the person wants or needs the product – and they trust the vendor – they’ll click the purchase button. I even used to say that folks didn’t go into Facebook wanting to make a purchase, but now that social commerce is established and trusted, consumers are adjusting their behavior. After

Social Commerce Best Practices

This holiday season some doubt was spread as to the impact of social media on ecommerce sales. Since the holiday season is dominated by discounting, I tend to disagree that social’s impact is diminished. 8thBridge has developed this infographic that reviews ecommerce platforms and how social impacts the purchasing process. 8thBridge are makers of the Graphite, a social commerce platform that integrates a social experience into the purchase funnel. Consumer findings from the report 44%

Start a Free Facebook Store with VendorShop

Monetizing social media however requires a lot of effort. Fans may like a Facebook page but converting likes to buys requires serious groundwork. Most marketers are already at work building brand awareness through the social media. Raising the effort to ensure monetization require delivering engaging content and apps that drive people to making a purchase. Games, contests, discount coupons, exclusive offers, previews and samples are few content types that serve this purpose. Success depends on