ActiveCampaign: Why Tagging Is Critical To Your Blog When It Comes to RSS Email Integration

One feature that I think is underutilized in the email industry is the use of RSS feeds to produce relevant content for your email campaigns. Most platforms have an RSS feature where it’s pretty simple to add a feed to your email newsletter or any other campaign you’re sending out. What you may not realize, though, is that it’s pretty easy to put very specific, tagged content, in your emails rather than your entire blog’s

It’s Time to Raise Your RSS Feed From the Dead

Contrary to popular belief, feeds are still roaming the face of the internet… or at least the underworld of it. Content syndication may be being consumed by applications and websites more than people using a feed reader… but the opportunity to ensure your content is distributed and looks great across devices is still a plus for content strategies. Note: If you’re lost – here’s an article on what an RSS feed is. I was shocked

Add An External Podcast Feed to Your WordPress Site’s Feeds

How to publish an externally hosted podcast feed as a custom feed within your WordPress instance.

GoodbyeHootsuite, Hello Again Twitterfeed

Twitter is quickly becoming a major referral of traffic to my site, so I need to pay attention to these tools and how they impact readership and search engine optimization. I’m a big fan of Hootsuite. One thing to look out for are systems that generate a toolbar with your content within an iframe below it. This was something that Digg did when they launched their Diggbar. There’s a lot of pressure for companies not

Google Adsense Now Monetizing my Feed

For quite some time I ran affiliate marketing ads in my feed using the PostPost plugin I developed for WordPress and Commission Junction advertisements. It wasn’t really a source of any significant revenue, though, perhaps a few dollars a month. This week, I applied with Google Adsense to convert my feed from Feedburner to Google. The process to do this is still manual, but fear not, you won’t lose a single subscriber in the process.

RSS versus Email: A Marketing View

It’s a discussion that’s getting old, but with the advent of Outlook 2007 support for RSS – the online industry continues to make comparisons between RSS and email for online Marketing Communications (with SMS right around the corner). From a content management standpoint, a lot of Industry folks think of all of these as ‘output’ types. That’s a really ignorant view. It’s like looking at Direct Mail and a Bulletin Board the same because you

Blog-Tipping: Aberrant Absurdity

Adam Teece has a blog that’s well on it’s way. In analyzing his raw HTML, you know he’s been listening to a lot of great advice – hopefully here :). Your Blog Tips Your main posts are getting crunched into your sidebar. If found that if you adjust your primary div to 480px on your Stylesheet, it provides a balance of whitespace on the left and right of your posts, making it much easier to

RSS: Make your Feed Link Obvious

With the advent of new browsers, I was not too concerned about putting my RSS link within the content of my site. I’m starting to rethink that. If you weren’t already aware, these new browsers can automatically detect an RSS feed as long as it’s identified within the header of the page. Clicking on the RSS symbol results in you ‘subscribing to that feed’ via your browser. So when you select the feed in your