Ziflow: Manage Every Part of Your Content Review and Approval Process

The lack of process within organizations on developing content is actually pretty startling. When I receive an email with an error, see an ad with a typo, or click on a link that lands on a page not found… I’m honestly not that surprised. When my agency was young, we made these mistakes as well, pre-publishing content that didn’t make it through a full review within an organization… from branding, compliance, editorial, design, through to

How to Build and Grow Your Email List

Brian Downard of Eliv8 has done another fantastic job on this infographic and his online marketing checklist (download) where he includes this checklist for growing your email list. We’ve been working our email list, and I’m going to incorporate some of these methods: Create Landing Pages – We believe every page is a landing page… so the question is do you have an opt-in methodology on every page of your site via desktop or mobile?

26 Steps to Creating a Successful Ecommerce Business in 2015

By 2017, ecommerce sales are estimated to reach $434 billion in the United States. We’ve been actually developing this site to add some ecommerce solutions and strategies after testing some automated reporting solutions last year. Much more to come in the next few months – we promise! Ecommerce Platforms developed this infographic with ecommerce strategies that will help you develop a sustainable business and focus on what you should do to succeed, from targeting the

GetFeedback: Online Surveys Like Never Before

If you’ve taken a survey lately, you know how horrid the user interfaces are of traditional survey tools. It’s one of the problems of being a leader in a technology – you continue to build and integrate your platform and it gets more and more difficult to update it. I continue to see this with different platforms – and thank goodness it’s happened with surveys. GetFeedback has a responsive, WYSIWYG interface that allows you to

iPerceptions: The Voice of Customer Platform

Voice of Customer (VoC) is collective insight into customer needs, wants, perceptions, and preferences gained through direct and indirect questioning. While traditional web analytics tells us what the visitor is doing on your site, VoC analysis answers WHY customers take the actions they do online. iPerceptions is an active research platform that utilizes intercept technologies on multiple touch points, including desktop, mobile and tablet. iPerceptions assists companies to design, collect, integrate and analyze their VoC

Customer Survey Burnout

Surveys are a critical method for capturing key information on your prospects and customers, but they can also be a tool that’s misused and provides data that drives your business in the wrong direction. As a simple example, if I were a business and asked how I could improve my website, I’m already setting an expectation with the person taking the survey that there is something that must be done to improve the website… when

Looking for a Second Opinion? A Hundred?

There was quite a firestorm when I promoted utilizing crowdSPRING. Those in the design community who I respect so much though it was a bit hypocritical to appreciate crowdSPRING and other spec systems like 99designs, while advocating hiring design agencies as well. I don’t believe it’s one or the other, I do appreciate both! I challenged a couple of the No! Spec supporters to come up with some advice: How do business startups get great

Sometimes You Can’t Prepare Enough

Click through for the video. Ouch. My good friend, Jason, from The Bean Cup sent this.