Is Droplr the Best File Sharing Tool Available?

Box, Dropbox, Google Drive… with so many clients all utilizing different platforms, my client folders are a disaster. Once a week or so, I migrate all my client data to a neat and organized network share that’s backed up. Day to day, though, it’s been a disaster trying to locate and send files… until now. Our partner agency uses Droplr. Hesitant to get yet another filesharing tool, I wasn’t sold at first. However, over time

Box Makes File Sharing Easy

Ever felt constrained when sending large files of information across prospects, clients or business partners? FTP never really caught on as a popular or user-friendly option, and email attachments have their own limitations and bottlenecks. Having shared directories on internal file servers limited access and made more work for IT teams internal. The rise of cloud computing now offers a convenient solution, and among the various cloud based offerings that allows storing, managing and sharing

Huddle: Online Collaboration and File Sharing

Rolling out or orchestrating a marketing campaign involves content management and collaboration bottlenecks. I bet you are fed up with making endless changes to VPN or firewall configuration to facilitate increased collaboration! Chances are that you are using either an obsolete intranet or SharePoint. Switching over to the seamless experience that the cloud based Huddle workspace provides would actually make collaboration and content management a pleasurable experience rather than the tedious and nerve wrecking affair

A Masterpiece in Usability and Design: Onehub

As a b-list blogger, you often become the target of business authors, software developers, and search engine opportunists who want you to promote their wares. I love being the target of this attention, though, because I love reading books and I love seeing applications out on the market. As a product manager, I recognize how difficult it is to take an able application and turn it into a wondrous application. It’s not often, but every