The Best Advice for Successful Millenial Content Marketing Strategies

It is a world of cat videos, viral marketing, and the next big thing. With all of the platforms online to reach potential customers, the biggest challenge is how to make your product relevant and desirable to your target market. If your target market is millennials then you have an even tougher job catering to the needs of a generation that spends hours a day on social media and is unphased by traditional marketing techniques.  A

How Businesses Should Be Interacting with Each Social Media Platform

My opinion of social media is often different with those in my industry. Theoretically, I love social media and the opportunity it offers businesses to reach customers and prospects on a personal level. The reality has been very different, though. I’ve watched businesses attempt to utilize social media the same way they do other marketing channels. In some situations, this has led to incredible embarassment… robotic responses made publicly to a savvy social media user

How To Not Fail at Snapchat

The marketing world is buzzing about Snapchat’s filing for an IPO and launch of Spectacles (basically everything Google Glass wasn’t). Yet the very mention of Snapchat still has many marketers scratching their heads. Meanwhile, tweens, teens and, you guessed it, millennials are snapping their little hearts out. It seems as if just when brands get the hang of a new digital platform, they are introduced to another – or at least a new function of

Dig Deeper Into Your Survey Results: Cross Tab and Filter Analysis

I do Social Media Marketing for SurveyMonkey, so I’m a big proponent of using online surveys to reach out to your customers in order to make better, more strategic business decisions. You can get a lot of insight out of a simple survey, especially when you know a thing or two about creating and analyzing it. Obviously writing and designing a good survey is an important part of this process, but all that front-end work