The Impact of Digital Marketing Trends on Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

Colleague Mark Schaefer recently published a post, 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing, that is a must-read. He asked marketers throughout the industry how marketing was shifting profoundly. One area that I see a lot of activity in is the ability to personalize the relationship with the prospect or customer. I stated: This data flow could mean “the death of mass media and rise of targeted, personalized marketing experiences through ABM and

Social Media Guide for Financial Professionals

Marty Thompson is always discovering fantastic content when it comes to social business. If your company is seeking professional consultation on developing your social efforts, I don’t know of a better consultant in the industry. In this infographic, the guidance is directed to financial professionals. Many times, financial organizations feel like their hands are tied due to regulatory compliance issues – it’s really not the case at all. Financial professionals who are both leveraging social

Q&A: Reinventing Business Forums

Over the past year, various question and answer interfaces have been popping up across the Internet, including Quora, Opinionaided, and LinkedIn Answers. The concept of Q&A isn’t a new one, but the application has shifted from general topics to business applications. The original players in this field,,, Quora, etc., were used for general questions such as “What are the odds of winning the lottery?” and didn’t focus on social interaction. The new interfaces,