Two Must-Have Twitter Apps for Managing Followers

My love affair with Twitter seems to be re-ignited of late. It appears to me that the team at Twitter has been much more responsive to getting the spammers and crap accounts out of the system and my twitter feed quality is getting better and better. Quite honestly, while we had a good following – 30k+ on @douglaskarr and 50k+ on @martech_zone, I didn’t work to increase that community because the noise was deafening and

TweetSeeker: Find Your Next Follow

Good friend and fellow tool finder, Kevin Mullett recently put up a great presentation with a slew of online tools for search and social media. I’m actually going through the list to make sure we introduce some of these tools on the Marketing Tech Blog (some of them were in yesterday’s SEO Tools list!). TweetSeeker is a way to curate and organize the list of Twitter accounts you’d like to follow. The real-time platform allows

Workaround for PCAnywhere Bug with Vista

I’ve seen no LiveUpdate or documentation on this bug, but apparently it’s affecting other PCAnywhere Vista users as well. Rather than wait for Symantec to come up with a fix, I figured out that the rendering engine, Winawe32.exe is causing the problem. Right-click on your taskbar and select Task Manager. Select the Processes tab. Highlight Winawe32.exe and click End Process. When warned, click Okay. Close PCAnywhere. Reopen PCAnywhere and you should see all of your