Listen to What Matters on Twitter with Narratif

Narratif has just launched its tool based on latent search technologies to sift through the tidal wave of Twitter conversations and provide meaningful trending data. Rather than providing dry, quantitative data about sentiment, number of retweets, etc., Narratif povides results formatted and condensed as ranked conversations (or stories) with influencers. The interface is simple, fast and nicely laid out. It enables a user to identify trend data, discover influential articles and identify influencers. Currently in

Twazzup: Real-Time Monitoring for Twitter

In my opinion, Twazzup has a nicer, much more usable interface than Twitter does because of the information that it provides the user. To start with Twazzup, just enter a Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag – and the user interface provides a clean layout with related keywords across the top, user and trending information across the left pane, and real-time tweets down the right side. On this example, I did a search for Sales Proposal,