Internet Explorer Still Top Browser for Viewing Email

The folks at Litmus have released this infographic, Internet Explorer Still Top Choice for Web-Based Email. I think that always comes as a surprise to those of us in the online industry – who gravitate to Chrome and Safari, but we often lose sight of who our clients are and the corporate environment they’re in. This is where IE is heavily implemented without too many options. Email and web users worldwide have access to more

Talk your IT Department into Firefox

I think I’ve been pretty spoiled in the past when it comes to IT departments. I ran a network at my first job and was the guy with all the toys in the department (aside from my Director at the time, I always bought one for him first). Moving between different jobs in Marketing and Technology has put me on both sides of the IT door so I know how frustrating it is not to

Firefox winning the Browser War

Taking a look at recent market share for browsers provides some insight into who is winning and losing the wars. Firefox continues to build momentum, Safari is creeping upwards, and Internet Explorer is losing ground. I’d like to comment on the three with my ‘theories’ of what is occurring. Internet Explorer After destroying Netscape Navigator, IE really became the gold standard of the net. The browser was simple, functional, and pre-loaded with all Microsoft Products.