Hashtag Research, Analysis, Monitoring, and Management Tools

Hashtag was the word of the year at one time, there was a baby named Hashtag, and the word was outlawed in France (mot-dièse). Hashtags continue to have enormous benefits when utilized appropriately in social media – especially as their use has expanded beyond Twitter and into Facebook. If you’d like some hashtag basics, see the Hashtag Guide that we’ve published. You can also read our post on finding the best hashtags for each social

The History of #Hashtags

If you’re new to hashtags, check out this Hashtag Guide. Some folks still cringe at actively implementing hashtags since it appears contrived and a bit irregular. I’m actually curious why platforms simply don’t hide the symbol and just add the hyperlink so that the text is easier to read. The same way when you type @ or + on Facebook or Google+… the platform hides the symbol but links effectively to the account you’re highlighting.

The #Hashtag Guide

We’ve written about the importance of using hashtags when you’re using Twitter, but it’s a methodology that’s spread through other platforms as well. Most notably, Youtube, Instagram and Google+ have added support… with Facebook right around the corner! Simply put, hashtags are a simple way to denote a key word, phrase or topic within your text. Ever wonder who used the first hashtag? You can thank Chris Messina in 2007 on Twitter! how do you

Effective #Twitter #Marketing with #Hashtags

No, this isn’t one of those annoying Get more followers campaigns to artificially inflate your following on Twitter with irrelevant followers. This is how to effectively increase your voice on Twitter so that your tweets are found by relevant audiences who aren’t following you. The answer is called a hashtag. There are tons of people and programs searching Twitter right now for real-time news and events that search for hashtags. A hashtag is the pound