What’s Your Social Media Impression?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” my business professor, Marvin Recht, always reminds his students. Don’t make the mistakes that many have made before you. In today’s world, the first impression idea still holds true. However, digital consumers and social media allow us to connect in ways that we could never have in the past. And the impression that you leave on your Facebook page, Twitter stream, or website could have some

Leave Your Domain for What You DO

How many people are looking for someone who knows what you do? Now… how many people are actually looking for you? So… if you wish to be found on the Internet for what you do, why would you buy your name as a domain name and put a blog on it? You may not want to. Buy a domain name that first reflects what you do. Until folks know who you are, this is how

Four Blogging Mistakes I Should Have Avoided

This afternoon I spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble is much closer to my home, but I have to admit that Borders is much better organized and books are easier to find. I’m constantly ‘walking the aisles’ at Barnes and Noble looking rather than spending time reading. Anyways, I picked up my favorite magazine, Practical Web Design (aka .net) and finally picked up Darren and Chris‘ book, Secrets for Blogging

Wildcard DNS and Dynamic Subdomains

In all my spare time (ha!), I’ve been working to wrap the Wild Birds Unlimited Map application with an enterprise application that will allow folks to design their own store locator. Developing my own Software as a Service solution has been a goal of mine for quite a few years, and this is a great opportunity. There are two key features off the shelf that I wanted to put into the application that are turning