New Approaches to Digital Advertising After Third-Party Cookies Are No More

With Google’s recent announcement that it’ll phase out third-party cookies in 2023 to launch Google Topics, the world of cookies is in the midst of an evolution. Or a meltdown, depending on whom you talk to. Advertisers fidget en masse when a change is announced in the digital world. Suddenly, there’s no milk or bread in the grocery store and Armageddon is upon us — or so this is how many advertisers react. So, given that millions

DMP Integration: Data-Driven Business for Publishers

The radical reduction in the availability of third-party data means fewer possibilities for behavioral targeting and a drop in advertising revenues for many media owners. To offset the losses, publishers need to think of new ways to approach user data. Hiring the data management platform can be a way out. Within the next two years, the advertising market will phase out third-party cookies, which will alter the traditional model of targeting users, managing ad spaces,