Designer Terminology: Fonts, Files, Acronyms and Layout Definitions

Reading Time: 2 minutes Common terminology utilized by designers of graphics and layouts for the web and print.

How to Find Fonts with Adobe Capture

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve ever gotten stuck working on a project where the client wanted some new graphics or collateral, but didn’t know what fonts they use – it can be pretty daunting. Or, if you love a font that you find out in the world and wish to use it… good luck on figuring it out. Font Identification Forums Back in the day… like a decade ago, you had to upload an image to a forum

Graphic Design Terminology That Noobs Often Get Confused

Reading Time: 3 minutes I chuckled a little bit when I found this infographic because, as it turns out, I must be a graphic design noob. But, alas, it’s amazing finding out how much I don’t know about an industry I’ve been embedded deeply in for the last 25 years. In my defense, I only dabble and request graphics. Thankfully, our designers are far more knowledgeable about graphic design than I am. You need to know the difference between

Typography Terminology: Apex to Swash and the Gadzook In Between

Reading Time: 2 minutes Typography is fascinating to me. The talent of designers to develop fonts that are both unique and even able to express an emotion is nothing short of incredible. But what makes up a letter? Diane Kelly Nuguid put together the first infographic to provide insight into different parts of a letter in typography. Click on it to see a full view. Typography Terminology Glossary Aperture – The opening or partially enclosed negative space created by